WP and phpMyAdmin

Wrote a quick guide to how to change your login password using phpMyAdmin late last night. It’s a scary beast is this tool, but in the current situation, it’s sometimes necessary to use it to do what this shows. Hopefully, having screenshots in it wil give a little more confidence to someone having to do this for the first time, and maybe having to wait in the forums for a pointer to the method.
Woke up about an hour ago thinking that maybe there was too much information in those screenshots about my databases, and also remembering that someone (Hi C ! 🙂 ) had told me quite a while ago that the password I was using was very poor. So not wishing to tempt fate, I changed it for a much more secure one and went to write this. Doh! Ever unblocked a sink then gone to empty the bucket into the sink before replacing the u-bend bit ? It was one of those moments …….. anyway, all wp-config.php’s have the correct information.

Today: work on K’s site, natter to T-byrd, demolish the insides of Jabu Jabu . Oh yes, and all the housework / ironing / washing too. Joy.