The ‘Visage’ Look

Hmmm …….
I wonder what you lot think as you click the link here ?

  • “What the hell will we find this time ?”
  • “Is this guy colourblind ?”
  • “Why can’t he just settle on ONE design dammit!”
  • “Nice, shame he’ll junk it soon ….”
  • “TFFT – the horrid one has gone”
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5 thoughts on “The ‘Visage’ Look

  1. Thank Fuck For That 😉

    Really like the banner image at the top and although the page is quite dark and moody it kinda suits you 😀 Only thing is your smilies are too cheery looking. You need to change to something like the snowball I have and can’t remember where the hell I got it from 😡

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