BBC: Police searching 300% more Asians

What a complete non-story this BBC News Item is.

It’s a classic bit of non-news in that it leads with a figure that is meant to shock us, but it actually tells us NOTHING.
300% more than what ? Did they arrest only 2 people before ?
300% more than who ? How many more Asians are stopped and searched compared to non-Asians ?
300% more Asians it says, so why in the report does it say “It said black people were four times more likely to be stopped than white people.” I have Asian friends who if I called ‘black’ would be hugely offended.
300% more ? And how many of those stop-searches were justified by follow-on action ?
“[This was ] put down to the perceived increased threat from Islamic extremists and a number of big counter terrorist operations“. Well I can understand that. Can’t you ? Can’t they ?

Okay, so there may be a racist factor in there somewhere, but to lead with a story like this, and put over as simplistically as this …. Fact is, I want the Police to stop and search who they want to, or who they need to. I do not want them to have to stop and think “Oh dear, his skin is not white, so I must not search him for fear that I may appear to be racist in any form”. That would be bollocks.