Go Minidisc !

Apple have their iPod, Sony are getting into the act with a new Walkman and no doubt other systems exist which let you carry music around but which will only hold music you have bought from them. Ooops..mistake there ! Music you may have bought from them already in one form but if you need it in portable form and have no way of converting it yourself, you’l have to pay again.
Okay, so iPod’s are meant to be cool, but most new gadgets convey that status if you are into that sort of ‘oneupmanship’. And there are other mp3 players (iRiver, Archos etc), so why go with this new Sony thing ? or another Apple creation ?

Sony made the MiniDisc – and it’s the business !
Small, huge amounts of space to record, the import / exports limits which Sony place on tracks being moved is defeated very easily, you don’t have to buy the music twice, cheap little discs that are not easily damaged and more. The next gen MD will have even greater recording capacity (I can get several hours of tracks onto 1 MD already).

Go buy a MiniDisc 🙂