Zelda and Jabu Jabu

When I first played this game, I felt that the patch just behind Zora’s Domain was just a little bit ‘unfinished’. There’s a fairly low, but just out of reach, area directly behind Jabu, and across it are a line of trees. I recall a lot of discussion in the gaming magazines at the time about a N64DD add-on, and that the area I mean could be a way through to an area that was meant to be included but couldn’t due to size considerations. (Having not played this game for a few years, I’m amazed that it is essentially a cartridge game – it certainly puts many many games to shame even today). Anyway, I got to that area earlier (can I remember how to get Jabu to open up ? Can I hell !) and it’s the same unfinished look. In my book it’s certainly the worst looking place in the whole game, and given that they have had the time, that this is a bonus edition, that this is on CD, it’s a shame that nothing has been done with it. It’s not that it detracts from the game – far from it – but that it could have added that extra bit to what is most definitely a gaming masterpiece (it’s an N64 title here, not some p4 3.2Ghz latest-radeon-or-nothing game).
And I want the damn hookshot !!!
(and no… don’t tell me either!)

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