Not Guilty ? Of honesty maybe ..

So Lorna Gray and James McEwan admitted cruelty, but didn’t kill their kid, They admit to causing over 200 injuries, but they didn’t kill their kid.

No, of course you didn’t you lying bastards.
No matter what the court sentences you to, it will be nothing in comparison to what that child went through.

The sentence you actually deserve is for your fellow citizens to put you through something approaching what that poor child had to go through in it’s short, painful and tormented life. Hey – I’d happily start the kicking..

And he should be castrated, she should have a forced hysterectomy. If you cannot handle the responsibilities of parenthood, then you should not have the right either.

2 thoughts on “Not Guilty ? Of honesty maybe ..

  1. I agree…. he is an evil murderer and should be punished. It was not his child and he brutally killed him. It’s the laws fault that he has not been suitably punished and if the case had continued I believe he would have been. Don’t believe all you read in the papers…. she made a terrible mistake and is being punished for that but she was also a victim. You don’t know the full story or the truth so your opinion is based on lies and stories you have read and not fact.

  2. True, it is.
    I’d say from your comment that you are much closer to the case than the average person, but while I do indeed accept that she is also a victim in this, I cannot shake the belief that she could, but did not, take action at an earlier stage.

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