A million little pieces

D. had to do her schoolwork on the machine today, so I took the time to start reading a million little pieces. I’m not about to do any sort of review, but wow…..I mean WOW !

The guy in the book has a whole heap of addictions, but he and I shared one – alcohol. There’s this one sentence in it that rang true for me (there are quite a few actually)

..and for the first time in years I am conscious of the fact that I’m going to sleep.

I can still remember that first night – it was a Sunday – when I had not had a drink, getting into bed, lying down, getting comfortable .. . . … and thinking “How do I do this then ?”. I had no idea how I was meant to sleep. For years alcohol had virtually knocked me out. Not tired enough ? Drink more ! Even now, some 16 months later, I am still very aware of my falling to sleep. That probably sounds odd, but that night, I didn’t have a clue ..

I’m about 3/4 of the way through Peter Cook’s biog, and now this book. Two completely different people, yet in both books there are sentences that just stand right out at me. It’s not that I need to search for anything, or try to find similarities between myself and someone ‘famous’, it’s just that I’ve said it, had it said to me, or thought about it for a long time.

Odd this life business isn’t it ?