Towards Hyrule Castle

After chatting to Steve the other day, I dug out my copy of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time which I got as a bonus disc with Wind Waker, and I’m trying the Master Quest this time. It was a fine game when I played it on the N64, but this is most certainly a harder game, despite the re-learning of controls. I’ve only just got out of Kokiri Forest, but at least all the controls have been learnt.

New CSS – I went to design another one this morning but lost interest part way through so went with this. It’s a very very lazy design – as everything is black, you can’t see the menu overlaps as clearly. Suits a variety of my moods I think though.

The plugin I wrote I’ve incorporated into the general stats plugin which is listed in the menu. Seemed daft to have it alone, and as I wrote it, I suppose I ought to use it.

Ever feel like you are strapped in and heading straight to the accident ?

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