High 5’s to Shadow

Shadow posted a comment here about my constantly changing my css, and also wrote something about the use of graphics on blogs. If you’ve read this site for any length of time you’ll know how often I alter the stylesheet, and you’ll also be painfully aware of not only my lack of ability in all things graphic related, but also in colour choices at times. It’s as if I decide I want a new look, I swap things around, am satisfied with what I’ve done, yet all too soon I get bored of it and scrap it to do again. Now I don’t mind doing this, and that’s partly – or more likely mainly – because of my mood swings. They aren’t as pronounced as they were (Peter Cook was – according to his biog – an undiagnosed manic depressive), but they still exist. Anyway ….. Shadow and Organic have sent me some really cool graphics for me to use here, and use them I will.
I’ve got one ‘look’ done already on a test blog (though it and others may need further testing yet) and when I’ve got at least 3 looks I’m happy with, I’ll bring them over here. Maybe it’s time to stop hopping between styles by scrapping them, and instead hopping between pre-done styles that suit the mood I am in on that day / at that time.

Of course what I really need is for any finished css to be hosted elsewhere so that even if I want to, I can’t change it 🙂

One thought on “High 5’s to Shadow

  1. Hey, it looks very different Mark. At first I thought i had linked to the wrong site:)

    Perhaps you should keep a log of all your changes…

    We are already making new graphics in prepration for your mood next week 😛

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