Constantly Switching Styles

Didn’t like the page any more, so changed it about. Still don’t like this actually, but it’s an improvement – slightly.

I’ve decided it’s time for me to think about stretching my tongue piercing to 10mm. It’s at about 9-9.2mm right now and since the switch to a solid plug, I’ve no problems with regard to comfort or speech, and I’ve said for a while that a 10mm hole in my tongue was a goal. Thing is, what material ?
The nylon plug I have is very comfortable, but there are 2 drawbacks to nylon / plastic and presumably PTFE:
– nylon can never be as highly polished as steel, and despite the fact that it looked damn shiny before I first put it in, plaque has accumulated. I clean this regularly, but today it also went through 2 runs in the ultrasonic at abody and there is still a grey sheen to parts of it.
– the plug has to have a removable end, and whereas steel can be threaded and has the strength to withstand that, nylon doesn’t – especially with the cleaning regime meaning removal and possible cross-threading. So that makes for a larger end where a steel ‘screw in bit’ (I don’t know what it’s called right now) is located. My current plug is fitted ‘upside down’ so the tiny flat lip is at the top, and the larger screwed on end is at the bottom.

Steel. I think it has to be steel. But a 10mm diameter, 15mm height steel cylinder weighs quite a bit – for a tongue to work effectively anyway. That’s a weight I’d like reducing as far as possible – so maybe a hollow cylinder ? But then the ‘top’ has to fit very cleanly so as to prevent all manner of strangeness entering it when it is in my mouth 24/7. I’m tempted to just go back to Breed316, but then I could also consider elsewhere – this has to be a custom job where I don’t see anything until the end result. The finish will be good wherever – hopefully – but the threading has to be spot-on. Any recommendations / don’t bothers apart from the usual suspects ?

3 thoughts on “Constantly Switching Styles

  1. Some might say you are erratic Mark. Some would even think you don’t know what it is you want yourself. Others may be thinking – ANOTHER CHANGE – I want stability and ROUTINE IN MY LIFE!

    Personally, I think your site is just great no matter how many times you change it. In fact, the more times you change it the better it becomes. Working on this principle – just imagine how good it will be in say…10 more changes – it will be seen as amazingly awesome!

    From the immortal words of Philius Winkinstein, as he rode his horse into battle and was never heard from again, ‘I do what I do today because none else will do it for me in time for tomorrow’.

    Of course, this has absolutely no reference to your site but it sounds very clever doesn’t it. And anyway, any reference to ol’ Winky is worth a look!

  2. I’m erratic 🙂

    The CSS changes when my mood swings about generally … I looked at your ‘dark’ entry on Alex’s site, and I like that, but I wanted my own header image, and I’m really crap at images – honestly 🙂

    The styles I use here will never, ever win any prizes. I prefer the minimlist look, where everything is laid out clearly. Stark sometimes maybe. No matter what I do, I’ll always change it ….. I really should screenshot each change shouldn’t I ?

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