The next upb munch is due in about a month, and before anyone asks, I’ll not be there.
I think I’ve been to the last 7-9 consecutive munch / get-togethers, but it’s stopping.
Doesn’t take a huge leap in the imagination to figure out why does it ?

That’s not to say I don’t want to meet up with people again – there are some people I would really love to meet again – but I’m hopeful that will happen in some form or another.

J is also increasingly disabled – the MS is in relapse again – and even if all things were equal, it would still be hard to leave her and put that extra bit of responsbility on our girls. I’m not using this as an excuse as I stand by my reasons at the top, but it isn’t conducive to the situation.

This will also be the last time that I mention J or her medical problems here. I know I have done in the past, and indeed my first blog logged many events and how it was affecting her, but even though she doesn’t read this, it’s not fair to her privacy or dignity were I to continue or actually spell out what the situation really is like.

One thought on “Dieting

  1. I understand your decision not to discuss J’s MS. However, I think that it is also comforting for those of us who have a loved one with MS in our lives, to know that there are others out there experiencing the same thing. In any case, your reasons do make sense. 🙂

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