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The linklog – to the left – is the Recent Links plugin, and if you’ve checked that page, you’ll see it’s a repository of daft links that I come across. I really like this plugin, but wanted it twice.
I like my Bookmarks list in Firefox to be fairly lean, but coming across useful pages, I also want to keep those. You know, the sort of page you know will need at some point, but you don’t want it cluttering the browser. I tried yesterday on two occasions to modify the script so I could install it twice, but I kept getting errors – errors I had created. So today, I tried again, and it worked 🙂
I opened up each of the 5 plugin files, ran a ‘find and replace’ on the word ‘recent’, with ‘keep’ being the inserted text, not forgetting to change the filenames themselves and the rewrite rules. Then I just followed the normal instructions and bingo ! I have a Keeplog !

The other change I made was to the Recent Posts plugin.
I’ve not seen the point of having such a thing in a sidebar when all the posts it lists are on the same page that you are looking at, so I changed a call. The results – again on the left – ignore the last 10 posts I made, showing only the 5 beyond that. The code for mine is:
<?php get_recent_posts(5, '','<br />','',10,''); ?>

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