In nursing, and more particularly the nursing of those who can be violent (my area of nursing experience), it is really important to bear in mind that past behaviour is a good indicator of future behaviour. For instance, if at mealtimes a guy knocks the table 5 times with his spoon then throws the table over, it’s not going to take you long to connect one event – if it is repeated – with the next is it ?

This is why I’m very careful about who I can trust, who I’m prepared to trust a bit, and who I do not trust at all. Recently, the behaviour of someone who I thought I could trust altered, and as such all my trust, any respect and any goodwill evaporated. I believe that his behaviour then is indicative of his nature and personality. So it was with a measure of irony that I read this on his blog – it’s part of his header:
“”Humans have a phrase: ‘What is past, is prologue.’ “Minbari also have a phrase: ‘What is past, is also sometimes the future.'”

Make of that what you will……….