Brickbats and Praise

The abody site went bad some time yesterday. I got an email from Neil asking what was wrong. Lots of path errors all over the place. After asking in the forums (see below) it turns out that the fools who run UK2net – where abody is hosted – had altered path information in the php.ini file and hadn’t told anyone what they were doing.
WHAT ????
So pretty much every script that relied on php was b0rked. WTF were they doing ? And now it’s all fixed, those same fools may well correct that error, which means that the site will break yet again …. okay, so I can fix it easy enough, but that’s not the point.
Looking for hosting ? Like I have said before – stay AWAY from UK2net

And now the praise – I use the gallery script from there on abody, the form mail script here and I’ve installed the guest book script for someone too. They are great scripts, and the support that the owner provides through his forums is excellent. He has always answered any of my queries quickly and completely. Thoroughly recommend his site !