PGP and more..

Got the PGP extension working for T-Bird, and sending test posts to myself seem to have gone fine. I’ve got a little bit of reading yet to do, and probably some more testing, but then I’ll have a fully functional encrypted mail function should I want to use it. If you are in the same situation, want to send test messages to each other ?

Hopefully today I’ll be writing another guide for WordPress. Shouldn’t be a long one, but given the requests I’m getting I think it will be well received.

And last night was really busy online ! Was nattering away in irc, when Bri asked if I’d still got IM. I said yes, and fired it up. Immediately I’d got 6 people adding me to their contact list, and 3 people opened conversations. Ended up chatting about one site, briefly fixing another and doing some more indepth work on yet another by ftp and login. So trying to do that, and maintain irc channel conversations in #bodyart-uk and #wordpress, along with PM’s …. lots of windows, and yup, the odd mistake typing into them too. (And the net, it was so lagged last night it was getting daft!) Oh well …. and to anyone else who I chat with, I apologise now for my typing and spelling skills when doing this – my fingers develop a mind of their own, and given the immediate nature of the medium, it looks pretty crap – apologies. Hopefully there are not as many typos here 🙂