The final words

There have been a number of hits here from the US, and notably certain locations, so I guess people are coming back to see what next I’m going to say on the upb matter.
Never one to disappoint, I’ll say here the last I will say publically;

  1. I thought a ‘friend’ shared similar values. I was wrong.
  2. I thought ‘friends’ also shared similar values. Again, I was wrong.
  3. In my life, I divide people up into 2 distinct groups. You are either part of the problem, or part of the solution. Everyone starts in the latter, and I help people in that group. Some people just moved themselves into the former group.
  4. When your mail is opened by your partner, and they see something that was a secret, remember it’s not their fault for snooping, it’s yours for writing what you did.
  5. When someone finds your hidden blog / diary / gallery, and uses that information they have gained against you, remember it’s not their fault for looking for it, it’s your fault for writing it in the first place.
  6. When someone eavesdrops on your phone call to a secret lover, or to a close friend and gets mad at you for what you said, it’s not their fault they pressed their ear to the door to listen, it’s your fault for saying it.
  7. When your work colleagues find out all about your private life from someone else, it’s not the fault of the person who told them, it’s your fault for having that lifestyle.

Or does freedom of expression and a respect for privacy apply only to you ?

2 thoughts on “The final words

  1. Hm. I know I may have commented on this dispute on my blog, but in a purely impartial fashion, IIRC. I do hope I’ve not been re-classified as per your 3rd point just because of this. I don’t see the need to come out in support of either party. This is not my dispute, it’s a dispute between two people who I hope to continue to call my friends.

  2. This is what doing my head about this whole situation so much. I consider both Smeg and Mark to be my friends and I’ve spoken to both of them privately about what has happened and have disagreed with both of them on certain points. IMO that doesn’t make me any less of a friend. In fact I believe that is an important part of friendship, being able to tell a friend the truth, treat them honestly and expect them to respect your feelings when views differ and vice versa. Now I’m reading the above comment in this atmosphere of mistrust and accusation and wondering if I am one of the ‘friends’ in point 2 that is being referred to. This is exactly why I wish this whole situation had happened in a completely different and much less public way 🙁

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