Email Accounts

Have now whittled all my accounts outside of this domain to just one.
Up to now, I’ve been using a spymac address in blog comments, or the old (and very dead) upb one. Well after running gmail now for a while, I’m going with that for everything other than private mail.

I know it’s been hyped, and in the end it’s just another webmail account, but it’s got it’s cool features.
I get a lot of mail to do with WordPress – helping install blogs / troubleshooting a problem / installing stuff, and it was really clogging my inbox here. It wasn’t the volume of mail that was an issue, it was trying to keep track of things – my record so far is 48 mails exchanged with just one person. On this machine, it was difficult to find a previous mail, then my reply, then the follow-on etc as sometimes days will go by between mails, and at other times, it’s a flurry of activity in a few hours.
Gmail sorts that really nicely – by sorting it all into what it calls ‘conversations’.
So if someone sends me a mail, and we correspond, all those mails (both ways) are kept in the one place, on one screen. Makes looking up previous material quick and painless. Most good.

It’s really quick too – both in loading through the browser and using.
So, from now on, I’ll be using my gmail address in blog comments, and personal stuff will still be through the domain address.
And once the T-Bird extension works, I’m moving over to PGP for personal mail.