It’s 5:30pm

Remember the furore a few weeks ago about schoolkids getting fat, having a bad diet, things they could buy in school not helping ? It was a big splash across the BBC and the newspapers, and the govt promised to everything it could to sort it ? Well, isn’t it comforting to know that a Drinks boss has been made education head – mind you, I have to say that media played the game nicely on this didn’t they .. and kept relatively quiet.

Interesting choice of words here in this headline: A&L blames internet for closures. The article itself does not use the word ‘blame’, but it does say their customers are using direct channels, not high street branches. It’s almost as if they are saying that if it were not for the internet, people would still have jobs, and that the company are powerless. Not that enabling online banking had anything to do with it at all ……

Go and read Mirrors over on Thunderbyrd’s site. It’s brilliant !