Hot footing to the Prom

Last Wednesday, I saw one of the GP’s at the practice. I was having some oddness with my feet/ankles – and particularly with the left one. She said that no, it was nothing at all to do with my medication, but I should ring that Dr to find out, and I should raise my feet once a day. Yea, right. Thursday, ring the other Dr, and they say I need to see the GP – there is nothing they can do about my meds, I need them. Like I don’t know that. Sunday, went and hit that little ball all over the place. It landed in the nettles once, and while retrieving it, I got stung on my right leg, arm and left foot.

Today, saw my proper GP. Blood pressure is fine, he too agrees that my meds must remain stable. He saw and noted the still slightly reddened and swollen area around my left ankle where the sting was. That was about 10:30am
Now, my whole foot is swollen – I can’t see my ankle bone at all – , the point where the sting went has broken through, it’s weeping constantly, painful and hard around the site and down into the arch of my foot, and I can’t walk properly due to all the swelling.


Anyway … D. has her first school prom in a few weeks. She and some friends have saved up so they can have a limo pick them all up from one of their houses, travel into town for the prom itself and then deliver them back. She’s picked the dress she wants and is starting to get all her stuff together – she and J assure me that she has bought it all, but can I really believe that ? Naaaaah 🙂
I took some photos of her standing in the garden – she wanted to see how she looked, how the dress looked from the back, and the side, and the other side, and the front, and the back …..
It wasn’t so much a case of ‘Does my bum look big in this’ more of wanting this and that and just general curiosity. We are all our own worst critics, and D. is no exception.

Me ? I thought she looked wonderful, really really wonderful.