In the irc channel #wordpress, everything is logged. This is made obvious, and as it is primarily a help channel, it’s a useful thing to do – who remembers irc chats when they can spread over a while and be interspersed with other conversations ?

The other channel that I use is, and I have no evidence to show for this at all, being logged.
Like I said, I’ve no evidence, I can’t ask because if I did I don’t think I would be answered, and if I were answered, it would be a denial regardless. If you’ve read what I have done on certain blogs, certain subsequent actions could indicate logging activity.

Either way, I’m not having anything other than PM’s in that channel, until ownership has changed and the integrity can be restored.

I’m not asking anyone to believe this, but just so you know, if we have chatted away in channel before, why I won’t be for a while ….

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  1. Mmm, I am just comparing Mark and Politician – seems to me the big difference is you just said a whole lot without saying anything at all Mark…and we all know the politician’s speeches…

    Oww, my toe – there must be a storm coming Mary-Lou!

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