Diablo 2

So here’s the stats of my lvl27 Assassin.

Str 60
Dex 72
Vit 47 (life 333)
En 42

Fire 18
Cold 22
Poison 7

Martial Arts – no skills
Shadow Discipline – 1 point in psychic hammer / claw mastery / burst of speed / weapon block / cloak of shadows / shadow warrior
Traps – 1 point in shock web / charged bolt sentry / wake of fire / wake of inferno
3 points in fire blast / lightning sentry
(I’ve got 14 points yet to be assigned)

2 claws each with flawless topaz ? (the lightning damage one) and 2 of something whose name I’ve just forgotten with good rubies in.

She’s located at the end of the River of Flame.
I completed Diablo 2 with a necro, this was after trying to do so with a sorc but I realised that I’d set her skills fairly badly so she had some serious weaknessnes (no merc to help in D2 is there…) so with my assassin, I’ve taken it a bit slower with the LOD expansion and am still on normal level. I’m really wanting to get her to lvl30, and then put all my points left into the higher skills, so although using the points now would help with the final halls and the battle, maybe it’ll help later to keep those points safe.

Met a guy last week who has (so he says) a level 92 Barb, and has completed Hell 3 times. I checked his skin, and it didn’t look that transparent …. maybe when he plays he sits near a window and gets his sunshine that way …. but where did he get the time ?

Thing is, you can’t just have a ‘quick go’ on D2 can you ? It sucks you into the game, and you keep saying “I’ll just clear this part …….. I’ll explore the halls then quit ……. Wow- nice find ! That’ll be useful for …….. ”

Fine game, damn fine game !

5 thoughts on “Diablo 2

  1. Mine is level 41 😉
    I’m mostly focusing on martial arts (only phoenix strike and the kick which name I never remember) and some shador disciplines.
    It works nice, but now I think I need more attack power (I’m at nightmare level and yes, it’s a nightmare :P)

  2. Ive just got back to playing diablo 2 after a couple of months break. Now ive just got to get used to the controls again.

    Ive taken 6 players through Hell difficulty, only one using 1.10 patch, and using single player rather than battle net, it can be done in about 3 weeks (couple of hours a day, more at weekends). My current character (necromancer) is around level 87 and still picking up the experience quite well.

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