No 19th for me

Went golfing today. Last played this game around 22 years ago, and I’m still crap 🙂
There were 4 of us, really nice weather, and although I fantastically scored par on 1 hole, the rest ranged from a double bogie up (and up quite far on a couple of holes). Highlight of the round:
Second shot, my ball is about 8 feet back from a deep dry ditch, 100 yards to the hole. To mark the boundary of the ditch, every 20 yards or so there is a yellow metal pole driven into the ground – about the size and shape of a cricket stump – and one of them is in front of me, slightly to the right.
So I whack the ball, and it promptly pings straight into the metal pole, and then proceeds backwards down the course at a rate of knots. I’m standing there thinking “wtf ??” while Jas and Luke could barely stand for laughing … … I couldn’t have done that if I’d wanted to.
Lost one ball to the water, another in the rough, but overall we found about 6 balls, so not too bad a day. Roll on next Sunday !

D. (my 13yr old daughter) has spent more time messing with her blog, and seems quite interested in Whisper so I’ll install that on her domain tomorrow for her to play with. She seems to be getting on really well so far – even though her blog is now a colourful mass and she has broken the validation.

I went through all the entries from January yesterday and corrected some errors I had caused – mainly me forgetting to encode £ and just using the keyboard symbol. It’s not that I’m anal about standards, but if WP generates valid code, and because I too like valid code, then error correction is sometimes necessary.
Odd really that in many forums for various blogging software, there are queries from people about how to make their site look good in IE and the other browsers and this inevitably leads to people saying that M$ should write IE to use accepted standards. Now that’s all well and good, but the fact is, their blogging software doesn’t produce valid code ! It’s sort of a ‘Pot’ ‘Kettle’ situation really.

5 thoughts on “No 19th for me

  1. Here we have got a guy who is a computer wizard. A great contributor to the WordPress community. And a very well developed interest in body art. Now it comes to light that the guy likes golf. What next? Val Doonican?

  2. I too had that problem – in the end, I CHMOD’d the entire /html folder to 777, did all I needed to, then put it back to how it was.
    Not a good solution at all in terms of site security, but as I wanted it all ‘up front’ on the site, I had little choice.

    I had already got everything done inside of a sub-directory, so all I needed to do was shift the files, but like I said, not good.

    That said, it’s a young program, and it does make my little collection of pages easier to manage for me. Editing pages doesn’t need the 777 – I’m sure that’s just for page creation. (I’ll find out later when I add some more…)

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