Still fiddling..

This is more a post for me to remember what I’ve done:

– My private and password protected area has gone.
I’ve not written in it for a while now, and as I never did re-read what I wrote and never have any intention of doing so, I see no point in it just sitting there gathering the server disk equivalent of dust. So it’s backed up to this machine and deleted from the server. I don’t quite know why I’ve got it here, but I think it’s because at this point in time, a simple deletion wouldn’t feel right. When it does, I’ll erase all the files. There’s no point in holding on to things that have no value.

– The private gallery is now not password-protected. Although I knew who has access, nothing in there had changed much. It was also written in HTML (fully valid of course!). Having said that, it’s got a peculiar name, so there’ll be no lucky guessing 🙂 If you want to see what’s in it, just ask.

– The other gallery is remaining where it is until Pictorialis II is released. At that point, I’ll move both galleries into that format.

WordPress. Go to this link 7th post – download that file. Ftp that to your WP directory as wp-login.php. Unless you have fixed what this sorts – by already having edited wp-login – you will need to do this.

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