Email … I’m shifting things around.
If you know me, then the address that starts with my name will still work, but I’ve been getting lots of other emails to that address and my inbox is looking very messy. Filters work to a point…….so, that address is checked regularly in Thunderbird and if the computer is on (/me hears J shout “Is it ever OFF ?”) I’ll get the mail fairly quickly.
Now though, other mail, particularly through the contact form, goes to a webmail account and as such I’ll be slower getting back to you – apologies, but I’ve already not got back to someone because I got confused so I think this will sort it to a degree.

Anyway …..afternoon – or some of it – spent doing bits elsewhere on another blog for someone, decided that I’ll screenshot and package up the 3 column setup on my testblog so I can start playing with it and breaking it (because it will, sure as eggs are eggs) as I try different things, D. has made the move to WordPress too, and she’s started to mess with the css quite cheerfully too.

Note to self: Dr Gil. Last Wednesday. Clueless…. she is totally clueless.

Spent time laughing in – there are always quotes there I’ve missed.

Plan for weekend: Install and play Warcraft 3. If it’s anything like Diablo 2 I may not surface for a while …….

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