Research ? Nooooooo

Right now, they are doing the ‘Lying in State’ thing for Reagan. I’ve no axe about that, but the commentary about all the work that his wife Nancy did pisses me off.

So she wanted Stem Cell Research did she ?

And how many other worthy causes did she, and the administration she was part of (don’t be a pedant on that), deny money too ? Very very many I’ll bet, yet as soon as an affliction hits THEM, as soon as they see THEIR loved ones hurting, dying, they want all the money, all the resources, all the publicity and they pull all the strings, call in all the favours, no doubt promise what they cannot deliver.

So ……. considering those in power … who shall I wish what on ?

2 thoughts on “Research ? Nooooooo

  1. Ya know, it makes me crazy. The government wants to deny technology, and at the rate they proceed, nothing new and advanced can be passed. My mother in law has Multiple Sclerosis and could greatly benefit by the use of stem cell research, but they will not do it. Yet if Bush found out his father would benefit, it would be allowed within weeks. Either that or it would be done quietly in secret just for his benefit. I just do not understand how we can continue to try and be leaders in the medical or technology fields, when everything that the government does not understand must be bad.

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