Odd thing this hardware firewall in the router.
I was trying for ages this morning to get a program to connect to the internet. Opened ports, checked the Application Gateways, opened Virtual Server paths – no joy. About drove me to distraction. So, in the end, I undid all the router firewall changes, downloaded the Sygate free firewall, installed it, rebooted, ran the new program, gave it permission to access the net, checked it worked, disconnected from the net, uninstalled the firewall, rebooted, and bingo ! it works ! Now why it needed a software firewall – a completely different product – to assist in this I’ve no clue, but thankfully it works 🙂
And kudos to Steve for pointing me at the Shadow BT client – had a torrent incoming within 2 min of installing it.

9 thoughts on “Firewalls

  1. the secret to fast d/load speeds with Bit Torrent is having the correct ports forwarded on your firewall (cant remember what they are off hand but theres a guide somewhere) and to balance your upload/download properlly. I find that setting my upload to “dsl/cable slow”, the upload rate to 10 and max uplads to 4 gives the best download speeds. I usually average about 50kbs on my 750mb connection.

  2. Cheers steve .. I’ve got the ports okay (6881-6999) and I’ve played a wee bit with settings.
    What I need to do is get 2 settings – the first I have, which is for when I’m not using the line for anything else, the second – for when I am, I have yet to get quite right . Time and playing – I’ll get there 🙂

  3. I regularly need to unplug mine so it *resets* . Heck knows why – but it always goes fine straight after. Now on another subject: this is spooky. If I put my mouse over the articles just below the Preview button all that section starts really jogging about. I think it is because on hover the link is underlined. I would underline the link anyway and set the color to the bg color. You know that I know but other readers may not. 😉

  4. Everything looking cool now! A pity in some ways. It could have been a design *effect*:mrgreen: I feel kind of bad about pointing it out but I am sure you are pleased
    it was fixed. Blog is now looking fab as always. Best Wishes. Root.

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