Talking to Marisa the other day in #bodyart-uk, she mentioned that she’ll be doing some airbrush tattooing soon in Holland, and by coincidence, today in Argos I saw an Airbrush Tattoo Kit. J now has 2 butterflies, D. has an excellent green gecko, and I’ve got paint all over my hands and a green chain of what looks like clover around my left forearm. Fun !

More IP blocking has been done, and I’ve added some IP’s to a plugin. No doubt I’ll get a nasty email or two about it, but hey, do you really think I care ?

I was going to rant here about J’s increasing blindness, the stupid state of the NHS and why I hate, loathe and detest private care, but I can’t be bothered .. another time maybe. It started along these lines;

“You must use the eyedrops to stop your eye condition”
My eye condition is caused by my multiple sclerosis – it won’t go away
“We won’t operate until the condition is gone”
But your drops are worsening the cataracts
You must use the drops
When I’m fully blind, will you operate ?
If the eye condition is gone
But it won’t be gone will it ?? The MS will still cause it
So keep using the drops

2 thoughts on “Airbrushing

  1. Regarding J’s worsening blindness, I would sincerely suggest going to the media and asking them if they would be interested in a “human interest” story. I have successfully used this approach before when dealing with the government. It’s worth a try, and you have nothing to lose but the phone call.

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