I’ve been pondering ….

There’s actually quite a bit I’d like to do with the guide. Thing is, there’s a risk of each page getting unwieldy in size which means that someone – maybe on dialup – is downloading more than they need to, and it also makes the page difficult to navigate when someone may be unsure of what they are doing. Not good. So that’s an argument for splitting things down slightly.
The flip side is that more pages actually equals more navigation and hopping around maybe to try and find what it is that you need – after all, when you go to any tutorial pages (like me looking for things on php / css) – you might be looking for the right thing but with the wrong name. Now okay, this is hardly rocket science stuff, but it should be very user friendly. Very.
So I’m pondering how it should work, then what it needs to look like, then what I need to learn to create the structure (if anything). Shouldn’t be long in this thinking phase, and in the mean time I’ve a local copy I’ve already started to play around with.

Ponder ponder ….