CSS Tutorial Todo

I’m going to go over the pages and add those topics that have cropped up in the forums.
What have I missed / could add anyway ?

Or what is there that could be clearer ?

1. How to have buttons next to list categories.

2. Resize the popup comments box.

3. Lose text in header.

4. Style the footer / link colours in footer.

5. Date format in #Post content.

6. Add a #tinfo section (I know what I mean by this)

5 thoughts on “CSS Tutorial Todo

  1. Hi Mark,

    Here’s a couple. You may have them covered so please excuse me if so. I am still working my way through your css guides so it is quite possible.

    1. Perhaps borders for the whole page – how are they setup exactly?
    2. How to change the whole layout, as in, place the body in the centre, have a whole screen approach etc.
    3. The importance of id names within index.php and how to call them in your css.
    4. Just a thought – but perhaps the default css that is packaged with WP could be commented right through so that each line makes sense. I know it would have greatly helped me and I am starting to do that within my own css so it is easier to make changes – because I have a reference guide within the css itself which shows me what, where and how.

    Please ignore all this if you feel they are unnecessary. just throwing in my 2p worth 🙂

  2. 1 – Okay.
    2 – I think I know what you mean ….. like the ‘blog’ in the centre but with backround images ? I’ll create something along those lines and let you see if it’s what you mean too !
    3 – You mean div id’s and the like ?
    4 – Craig has one linked from http://wiki.wordpress.org/AnnotatedCss ? His is the one I used, but then there was the call for more detail / images from Southsea, and I took a crack at it 🙂

    I don’t think anything that covers the default CSS and index tags is unnecessary, but I have to try to explain what’s what and what changes can be done without actually trying to also explain / teach CSS. There are so many other good sites that can do that way better than me, and my aim is just to get people slightly less worried about CSS (it’s nice stuff really !) and up and running with their WordPress site as soon as possible.

    Just 2p ? No more ? 😉

  3. All sounds good to me Mark. Sometimes there is a tendency to spend too much time on layouts and design and forfeit the content as a result. Your help in the forums has been excellent Mark and I think it would be of great benefit to your own sanity if you could simply direct questions to more and more static sources.
    If I can help in anyway just give me a hoi.
    Thanks again for all your efforts – I, along with hundreds of others – really do appreciate your commitment. :mrgreen:

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