Sssshhhhhh !

I’d been debating what to do about the various files I’d got scattered around this domain, until last night.
This domain doesn’t automatically ‘land’ in this blog – will bring you to a front page, and from there various files can be got to. I’ve not had my ‘blogging’ as the front page simply because I liked the idea of it living, as this does, in a sub-directory. The thing was though that because of the ease in which I could fiddle around with this layout compared to everything else, I was both leaving it alone or messing it up.
Just recently, I set trackers in files, and managed to put the wrong indices in the wrong places. Not fun to sort, and it got annoying having to fire up the ftp, drag a file down, modify it, upload it, check it and to do this repeatedly. I had thought about having a common ‘look’ across all the other files, but the work involved was not that appealing.
So when someone in #wordpress mentioned Whisper last night as a possible solution for someone (I was earwigging), I took a look.

And today I’ve put what I had – or most of it – into Whisper.

One stylesheet, online blog-style editing, full file management and uploads. Good stuff.
Apparently it can be used to also manage various aspects of this WP install, but I’m leaving this out of it – this changes far too often !

The only things which are not converted are the gallery and the WP guides, each of which has it’s own styling anyway.

Nippy tool is this Whisper !

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