Thank You


for stopping by and leaving good wishes for today – I appreciate it 🙂
Not quite sure what 40 is meant to mean … but hey, not like I can stop it is it ?

Not the healthiest of days, waking being sick at 5am (and I don’t even drink!) with the early birthday present of P.’s latest bug to me. Still, D. has baked me a huge chocolate cheesecake for tomorrow. The flesh tunnels I got today – 18mm internal diameter, black, with a hatched pattern on the outside flange. Been wanting these for ages, and it makes a change not to be wearing bamboo in my lobes. Most good !
Just watched The Core – a complete no-brainer of a film ! Takes more brain power to chew a marshmallow ! But then that was precisely the sort of film I wanted to watch tonight, so I’m satisfied.