Those blogs listed in the ‘Friends’ and ‘Reading’ list have changed order – and just so you know, here’s why. If, when you publish to your weblog, you ping, then that will be picked up here and your name will get to the top of the list – ordered by update they are. If you hover your mouse over a name near the top, the date and time that a blog was last updated will appear – saves you having to visit an un-updated blog (I didn’t hear someone say RSS did I ? :grin:) That plugin is 2fargon’s LinkRoll. If you don’t ping that source, then I suggest that you put this into your ‘Pinging Services’ section of your blog – – as this service will ping just about everyone for you. Damn good tool – send it one ping, and it sends out several, and no, it’s not a WordPress exclusive.

If you’ve commented in the last couple of days you’ll have seen that I’ve now got Threaded Comments, and as of just now, a “Subscribe to Comments” checkbox. If your email address is valid, then when a comment is posted after yours, an email will head your way. This last plugin is courtesy of Scriptygoddess.

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