Changing things again

So I eventually got this far – it’s not perfect yet, but it was far enough on one of my testblogs to bring it over here to complete the fiddly bits.
I know the header image is weak, but I’ve spent way more time on trying to create a decent header graphic than I have on doing the CSS, so in the end D. scribbled the above for me – she likes it, and that’s cool by me!

It’s tested in Firefox .8, IE, Opera and at my screen res (1024*768) and using one of those testing sites, it seems to look okay at 800*600. All the widths are based on % so I don’t know how it will scale up – I can’t decide if I should be too bothered about that or not …. my monitor doesn’t like that level so it would be difficult to test (and retest, retest …)

Why the column ?
Because I’m forever fiddling with colours – though I tend toward green – and having those boxes means I can just have one colour, or shades of one colour, or a rainbow, or a series of images (the boxes are 50*50 pixels). The rest of the page is deliberately muted.
It means I can change the colour balance to suit my mood, or make a little message that reads downwards. Daft stuff, but it’ll amuse me 🙂

The basis for this CSS was the wp_new style from Alex King’s site, though I’ve messed with it a fair bit.

I like it, and I trust it doesn’t offend your eyes too much !

(And I know the page doesn’t validate. That ‘Shiny Stats’ counter ain’t quite as sparkly when it’s run though the W3C Validator …. I’ll try and fix it tomorrow. And the post that breaks it too).

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  1. Cheers Jerome – I’d used a relative url ! Yea … my bad 🙂

    @me you – thanks too – I’ve emailed them for some valid code

    Comment amended on 9 June 2004 to add just “this” ‘sentence’ 🙂

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