WordPress – Search Box

I’ve just updated the ‘menu’ page in the WP CSS Tutorial.
When I originally did the guide, I didn’t cover the Search Box at all, but there were a couple of questions in the last few days on the forums which proved a little tricky to solve, so today I sat down and worked at it. Looking at what is there now does not equate to the amount of time it took to do … esp when I did it, got the finished page looking okay, then decided that a few screenshots would help to break all the text – so I had to undo it and start again. 🙂
I’m actually quite pleased with the “image as a button” effect. No-one likes to think that their blog looks as generic as the next (well … I’m not that fussed actually … think I’ll go full screen width later tonight) and being able to change an element which is generally identical across blogs has to be a good thing.
Drop down categories are also on that page, and I’ll put drop down archives there when I remember. Bri has drop down archives already done on her page, whereas if you wanted sortable archives, you can see the effect here – top of the menu column.

And Knoppix (I’m going to say that again just for Bri … Knoppix) – I got distracted by an email, then by painting a fence, then by the CSS. And I’m sure that this could distract me again soon !