SUSE (Part 1?)

So overnight, the SUSE Live evaluation iso got downloaded.
Burnt it to a CD, rebooted from that CD ……

Now call me a picky git, tell me I’m spoilt from years of using Windows, tell me that Linux really is not trying to be a real alternative to the M$ empire, but don’t you think that supporting a mouse would have been just a tiny little bit useful ?
Even the Knoppix CD supported the mouse – and it’s an optical one too.
I actually have 2 mice plugged in – 1 usb (optical) the other ps/2 (cheapo dell) and SUSE didn’t see either on boot. At all.

Now I’m going to persevere with this – I really do want to see what all this Linux fuss is about – but come on, if they are going to promote their evaluation CD’s as something that will give you a glimpse of how great Linux is, then surely putting the M into WIMP isn’t too great a task ?

Back to Knoppix in a few, and this time with a line between here and the router – see what happens then ….

Oh well ….. at least I got to relearn keyboard controls for a few minutes …

5 thoughts on “SUSE (Part 1?)

  1. SuSE didn’t? Which version are you using? 9.1 or 9.0? I’ve been using 9.0 for around 3-4 months now and not had a problem like that. Mind you, I’m using the Pro version and not the live eval. But my “mouse” is a Logitec optical trackball and SuSE set it up w/out any problems. Maybe your problem is because you had 2 mice plugged in at the same time?

  2. Suse is normally OK. But at least their installing kit is better than most people.
    My problem is – it won’t do flat monitors – and I can’t find a driver – and if I did find a driver how do I download it and install it if I can not see WTF I am doing? Oh and I dumped my 19 inch cft on a skip when I *upgraded*. Am I mad? Or just short of space?

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