More on Bandwidth

24 hours, 33 meg.
Googlebot disobeyed the robots.txt, as did Nusearch.

I think what I will do is this:
– mirror some content on my ISP space, and set up redirects
– rename all my directories so everything 404’s
– do a 404 page just for that day
and kill my domain for 24 hours.

If I know I am sending nothing from here, then I know what bw the sub-domain is taking (not that I think that is an issue at all) but I can also clear everything off here, and replace it having checked everything is what it should be.

I really cannot see that that the WordPress guides are doing this, but according to Webalizer, it is they that are being got.
Webalizer had this earlier – 166 visits, 1665 hits, pages 529, Files 1258. Does that look like it can equal 33meg ? The WP CSS guide is only 330KB here on my computer ……

Anyone suggest anything ? Please ?

2 thoughts on “More on Bandwidth

  1. Yea .. I’ve just put all the redirects in place.
    It was mirrored there anyway, and now I need to delete the files from here just to be totally sure, and then get my custom 403 working – the 404 does, but the 403 I think I’m doing something slightly wrong in how it is requested. Still, I’ll be watching figures.

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