So my ISP doesn’t support mod_rewrite. Tut tut. Means that I can’t play with the WP installation there as much as I had planned, so I’ve decided to use it for testing CSS instead. I’ll set up the index to look like this one in terms of content, then play.

And as I’m determined to learn more (more! more ??? I hardly know anything !!) PHP, but want something to experiment on, I’ve just installed Pivot. All PHP, no mysql needed, and despite the ISP only running in ‘Safe Mode’ (some security thing), it has workrounds built in for that.
Makes me wonder quite what the ISP thinks it’s space can be used for given the restrictions I’ve found so far.

I’ve not the slightest intention of moving from using WordPress, this new program is just something to look at and play with. It’s very MT in the backend – rebuilding – ack ! – but if I learn stuff from it, that’ll be cool.

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