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The RSS feeds from here have been stopped.

I’m not an A-list blogger who is at the cutting edge of technology.
I’m not running a blog that offers unique insights into the human condition.
I’m not a blog that has information which cannot otherwise be obtained.

This is a regular blog, written by someone who probably has too much time on his hands, about issues that are many and varied, but hardly groundbreakingly profound.

This is a regular blog, written by someone who would quite like to have regular readers, and maybe even regular commenters.

This regular blogger also visits (yes, I can click my mouse) all those personal sites that are listed in the right-side column. I don’t use RSS for personal sites, and I don’t expect my site, my personal space, to be viewed so impersonally either.

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  1. I was with you until I felt the need to rise for Judge Mental ;-). The fact that I use RSS feeds does not make me impersonal. As the community of bloggers has grown, so has the number of interesting and informative ones. I use rss feeds so I may keep informed and not have to visit 100 blogs to find 3 which have been updated. It is your place afterall and if you don’t want to offer “take out” it is up to you, but you will ultimately reduce your customer/comment base as those who “take out” also “eat out” from time to time.

    I can’t get to worked up about it. I said the same thing when answering machines came out, still don’t use call waiting, and as yet I don’t own a cell phone ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I would have a lot less of a problem if there was a way to fairly easily restrict access to the RSS – at least then I would have more of a clue as to who was reading.
    The php files are still on the server, they just have a random sequence of letters/numbers after them to render them (hopefully) unfindable.

    I agree with what you say … and if I could just get the feed to say “Updated !” I’d put it straight back.

  3. I feel kind of the same way. Just yesterday I also removed my RSS feeds (or at least the links to them). They haven’t been working anyways for some reason and rather than spend the time to fix them, I simply removed the links. All I have to do to find out if someone has updated is visit my own site…the links section tells me when a site was last updated. I don’t need to rely on some third party app to tell me this. Maybe I’ll look at my stats and see how often the feeds are actually being accessed.

  4. I totally agree !
    Like I said in my earlier post (Rapidly Scanned Scribings), I think RSS / Atom / whatever has a place for news, but not for personal sites.

    If all you want to do is gather information impersonally from a huge source because you run scripts to filter the content into a digest for some reason, then fine, but if you use RSS almost exclusively for blogs (even friends) then that’s too far.

    A friend writes about personal stuff, and I really do think that requires a measure of attention from the reader.

  5. Taking down the RSS feeds doesn’t force anyone to view your site as you intended. All you’re doing is making it a lot harder for people to view things the way THEY want (because xhtml is harder to selectively parse than an rss feed — but it still can be done relatively easily). But I can still ignore your stylesheet if I want. And I can still strip out all markup if I want. And I can still parse out only the article text if I want. It’s just a lot harder when it isn’t an rss feed. Obviously, this is your blog and you can do what you want (and should), but it’s your visitors who have to use your site. I don’t really see the point in forcing them to use it the way you want them to when it so obviously conflicts with how they want to use it.

  6. Naturally, I disagree with your last comment.

    If someone wants to view my site, then all they have to do is click their mouse – probably as many times as it takes to open the feed reader.

    If some form of tracking could be introduced, or if you – the visitor – had to request the feed instead of just ‘right-click’ ‘add’ then maybe I would feel better about this. But maybe not ….

  7. why not just have the RSS feed contain titles only and a link to the post?

    i use RSS heavily, but i still read most items in the context of the site that they’re from. the RSS just serves to alert me that there is a new item. i’ve had RSI issues and clicking through 156 sites a day just to see if they’ve updated or not will cause me actual physical pain. having a stripped down feed that doesn’t contain full posts will allow people to still get that benefit from RSS but they will have to actually visit your site to read the content.

  8. anders – Thank you for that, and I have in fact just done it ๐Ÿ™‚

    My feeds are back, they validate, and they contain a static comment only.
    I’ve posted how to modify the 3 files to the WP forums.

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