Tracking data

I’m now using .htaccess to completely block all linking from here – and Bri – for all gif / jpg / jpeg / bmp / png / html / php files.
I’ve reset one of the trackers I use, I’ve checked that Webalizer is up and running, and I’ve blocked another couple of IP’s (Brazilian this time) that were poking around trying to find and execute various files / folders, and all SE’s are blocked completely too.

I know it may seem a bit anal to bother about bandwidth, but it really has jumped, and jumped hugely – as of right now it’s 25% up on it’s limit, and I really should try to find out what is using it. Just because the b/w is there doesn’t mean to say I should abuse it, and if I were to have to move to another provider (hopefully not!) I’d need a good idea of what quota I would need for pricing.

If this doesn’t work, then I’m not sure what to do ….