RSS yet again.

“If a blog isnt carrying a feed, I will move right along without it.”

I wrote about this subject before, but hey, read it again – Rapidly Scanned Scribings

I write that I’m considering killing the feed, and this appears. Coincidence ? Maybe .. who cares, but that’s a pretty stupid thing to say.
What is your best friend moved to an RSS-free blog ? Ignore the site would you ?
What if someone you apparently liked slaved for weeks learning CSS and you then completely ignore this by only pulling the RSS ?

What you want is your convenience, and for you to give minimal time to what others are saying because, well….. there could be any number of bullshit reasons.

There is a ‘food-chain’ of bloggers, and where that quote appeared is on the same rung as this blog – it’s not like you are one of the 1337 and we should all fall over ourselves running to be sure that we have our feeds switched on so that all us lesser mortals can be seen by the ‘movers and shakers’.

Fine, you do what you want, but for fucks sake, be honest and say you are just lazy ?

(I’m waiting for the nasty emails now ……. )

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