No tables

CMP page duly altered, and tables discarded in favour of CSS.

And I’m more than a bit annoyed about the fact that my ISP webspace has the mod_rewrite module disabled. They don’t like it, so they won’t let it run in their ‘free with your adsl line’ space they give out. It’s no huge hardship – after all, I’ve got that here – but I really wanted that site to be used for playing with WP, maybe wuh-wuh, but no mod_rewrite=no go. Bugger. I’ll run a php info script there in a minute, see what else is not going, and if necessary email them just to find out more about the ‘why ?’ of the situation.

In a few days, when I have more data, I’m also going to do a huge IP blocking exercise using .htaccess and a heap of wildcard entries.
This will cover those sites that have spammed me (and Bri), those RSS pullers that are grabbing a feed more than I desire it, and anything else that sufficiently pisses me off. I’m also – just for next month – banning SE’s from indexing this site (they have enough data and I have enough links to my tutorial pages – in the MAME and WordPress communities – anyway) and I’ll see what effect this has on the bandwidth consumption.

Oh, and do you remember that I posted a link to a chart which ran a comparison of the current weblogging software ? Well the guy who did that has decided what he is going to use – WordPress.