3am Toothache

Why is it that you always get the worst toothache very late on a Saturday night and you’ve always run out of your preferred painkiller ?

Anyway … productivity has been good.
The tutorial page I have here on the ClrMamePro Rom Manager has just had a small update, and tomorrow (today) I’ll probably pull it apart and re-write it. It wasn’t so long ago that I actually did it, but having looked at the code, I can most certainly do it a lot better. I’ll also be able to reduce the image sizes which won’t harm.

DElyMyth has produced a comprehensive tracking script for WordPress, and it’s very good indeed. I installed it at 21:17 while chatting in #wordpress, and within 2 hours, I’d had over 120 hits or so – sounds great until you know that 83 were from googlebot.
I’d emailed google about their bots this (yesterday) morning as even by mid-morning I had had several hits, so I mailed them again, and again included enough of my stats to make my point. Looking at the ticket number on the auto-response I got, it was about 1500 more than this mornings mail.
Now I do want google – and other SE’s – to find and index pages like the cmp tutorial, the wordpress ftp and css tutorials, but I’m not hugely fussed if they index T2 or not. But there’s indexing, and there is walloping my bandwidth for no good reason.
Yes, I know I can use META tags and the like – I’m not stupid – but even so, their bots should be better behaved. They have no choice but TO behave now as the robots.txt now keeps them out of here until such time as Google reply with something constructive.
The latest email I got from the server says this:

Your site romanticrobot.net has exceeded its
bandwidth quota in the period beginning on 2004-05-01.
Your quota is set to 1048576000 bytes ( 1000.0 MB ), and
your site has consumed 170500013 bytes ( 162.601 MB ) beyond that quota.

So I’ve used – to now – 1162meg. In 29 days. That’s 40meg a day. That’s a LOT. And I will find out where it’s all going …..

I am soooooo tempted to write something …. . . . . …. . …… but I won’t. Yet.

Photoblog is offline for next month – not that I did a lot with it anyway, and I’ll disable the Waypath as well, just to see what happens to the b/w.

And I need to do the .htaccess tutorial again – it’s asked for sometimes in the WP forums.

2 thoughts on “3am Toothache

  1. My blog had over 1500 hits on the very first day with absolutely no activity on my part at all other than domain name registration. I do not know the math but I reckon bots are doing ninety percent of my entire stats. I am thinking of billing them.:evil:

  2. I’ll block them for a month, see what happens.
    I guess they index so frequently that maybe just a week’s access here and there will keep them up to date enough and let’s fact it – this is only a blog. It’s not like I’m selling anything or needing click-thru’s.

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