Sex Offenders – They lie ? Really ???

So the latest wheeze is that Sex offenders may face lie tests on release.

But doesn’t our wonderful Justice & Rehabilitation system not CURE these perverts ? Surely it must .. after all, wouldn’t it be rather foolish to release – presumably before their full sentence is up – someone who could still pose a danger to others ? And in the case of sex offences, the others being weaker and more vulnerable ?
And if it does not cure them (or to be pedantic, rehabilitate them to the point that they will not re-offend), then why are you going to let them out with just the threat of a lie-detector ?

For some this may prove to be somewhat of a deterrent, BUT a deterrent only works if it has built in certainty to it. Simply saying “You might have a lie detector test” is just not good enough because the offender just balances that with the fact that he might not. So there’s a fault.

Those sex offenders (read: perverted sub-humans) that have offended against children, and particularly when this has been done repeatedly, will have had to control their emotions over time, when close to the victim’s family, when living in the community, when being arrested and questioned in the first place …… do they seriously think a lie detector will worry them one little bit ? Get real ..

It’s odd …. a guy kills someone, is convicted of murder and serves a long time incarcerated. His release is decided by many others, and if on parole, he can be chucked back inside if he so much as farts in the wrong place. Yet all he may have done is kill one person, the person he had a problem with, and now that person is no more, he is not a risk to others. The circumstances which lead up to the killing almost cannot be replicated because one of the participants is not there any more.
Yet a sex-offender gets less time, and no matter how you look at it, the circumstances in which the original offence was committed is going to be all too easily repeatable.

Surely the answer is so so simple – lock the perverts up, and throw away the key.

I don’t want to know about how much ‘Community Service’ they can do, or how much less it will cost for them to be electronically tagged. Why ? because you can’t put a price on the freedoms of others that can be enjoyed while such sub-humans are securely away from civilized society.

And, more importantly, if you release them, with every intention of lie-detecting them, and then you do that test, and find out they have been lying, then surely you are complicit in the offence ?
An offence which you knew might happen ?
An offence which you knew would hurt someone ?

A sex attack on you is a deeply deeply personal attack against you – it’s not like a slap in the face, or someone lobbing a brick through your window – it goes to your core.

Fuck their human rights.
Give ’em a choice – Death or “Life means Life”