RSS pt2

Reading this in your aggregator ? Click the title !

Figuring that the aggregators had had enough time to crawl the feed, I downloaded the access log, and ran a count on the times the feeds had been hit.
Well over 140 times. But in ONE day ????

Bloglines (2 people put that there) came along hourly, as did google crawlers, some ftp site which I forget right now, and a pile of what look like individuals judging by the nature of the programs they used to pull the feed. I just hope the feed is generating the correct response to multiple hits (It’s a 304 – No change apparently).

So I don’t know what to do ….. do I kill the feed ?
It’s odd thinking that for some unknown reason, what I write is going so widely, after all, this is just a blog – and I’ve said enough on that subject to not say any more right now (and BB5 starts soon so there’s not enough time anyway), but it’s wierd.
This is part of what spooks me about RSS – the anonymity. If you visit, I can glean some details from a tracker (I’ve several monitoring different parts of the site for different reasons), but RSS ? Nope, nothing.
It’s also, like I said here last month, almost disrespectful given what you want for your site.

Be nice if the feed-pullers would say Hi though…….

4 thoughts on “RSS pt2

  1. hehe, well you could always get rid of the rss files. 🙂 And overwrite it with one entry that says CLICK HERE FOR UPDATES so they would have to visit your site. 🙂

    Or you could only output a portion of your post. For them to continue, they would have to click on your site and read there. It’s under Options – Reading – Syndication Feeds. Just checkmark Summary. 😀

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