Big Brother is back !!!!!!!!

I’ve just realised that at the email address linked from the contact form, I’ve not had a single piece of spam. Not one. Good stuff eh ? Having said that, I’ll be altering the address it points to later (it’ll go to my spymac account) as I’m getting increasing amounts of mail through it – usually wordpress stuff.

I’ve started to contribute to the yet-to-be released WP FAQ which is cool, and like any faq, in the short-term it’s a lot of work to build up, but in the long term cuts down on the repetition in the forums.

New ‘pointless but I like it’ plugin at the base of the page.

Apparently tonight marks the last of some odd yank sitcom – never watched it myself, though it’s on in this house when the women watch. I mean .. get a grip people, it’s a TV show !! Hardly important is it ? I’ll not be mourning it’s demise.

Oh, and you HAVE voted haven’t you ???????

4 thoughts on “Big Brother is back !!!!!!!!

  1. Well I dont agree at *all* :p I for one will be sobbing my heart out at the end of tonight’s Friends. It’s not about the fact that it’s a show… For me, I’ve been watching it the entire way through my teen years and early twenties, so it’s been a bit of a bri accompaniment. Like a theme tune in a way. It reminds me of certain periods of my life, the same way a piece of music that was in the charts does… You dont have to like it Markypoo, but please… let those of us who are diehard Friends fans grieve!! 🙂 x

  2. Bri – it’s yank crap.
    It’s been written by dozens and dozens of writers, and could hardly be called a classic, no matter how long the dross went on.

    Okay, so it brings back memories and that’s cool, but so does the sound of the dentist’s drill.

  3. Friends….saw the last episode last week here on RTE and tbh it was pure shite….whole big repeat of stuff that happened many times before and full of “lets feel sorry for earning so much money” smary crap. Don’t waste your time watching it…you’ll only be disappointed 🙄

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