I HATE graphics programs. They are THE most user unfuckingfriendly pieces of software I ever fucking use and they alone make me swear, curse and want to punch my monitor more than any other computer related thing. They offer absolutely nothing in the way of real user help and it just sits there wondering why you don’t use it more when it actuality you need some sort of fucking degree in mind-reading to figure out what the fuck to do Don’t tell me to RTFM – I fucking have – and it still makes no fucking sense. Bastard programmers.

2 thoughts on “Graphics

  1. Do a course. they’re yummy.
    i know your frustrations as i plod my way though the mire that is M$ access 2000….
    you’re still wrong about strappy tops, and how judgemental do people wanna be about people with rubbish tatts?
    /sum up random thing across several posts and comments

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