I believe it’s Tuesday

Reading some news this morning – in a real newspaper ! – I read about copyright and other bits and bobs around it. Some of it was interesting because in the past, I have written documents and teaching material which was subsequently stolen or significantly plagiarised by management when I was a nurse. Now if you work for a big multi-national, some of those have very clear policies, with writings such as “If you make it or think of it in our time, it’s ours”. I’ve no particular quarrel about that – because it’s not affected me – but it was clear that while the work I had done was to benefit me (in that it made my life easier if I was teaching or working) it was clearly wrong of management to do what they did without either my permission or crediting the work to me. What I might have said is immaterial, the fact is they didn’t ask, they just stole it.

That’s why I hate Search Engines.
Googlebot will crawl this site – like yours – and steal your work, your images, your code (ever tried searching for html / css code expressions ? It’s amazing what you can find) and this is done without your explicit permission. Try and find, through the Google site, how to exclude them from your site … takes a bit of searching. Surely such a fundamental thing should be easy to find and easily understood ?

Anyway, as a result, I wrote something for here. Nothing in legalese like that Creative Commons Deed stuff, but something that I trust is crystal clear to people. (I’ll deal with Google using several ‘robots.txt’ files). I know it may seem presumptious to write it, and I know that even without it I am fully protected, but either way, I didn’t see it doing any harm. Check the left column in the ‘here’ category.