Strappy tops. You know the ones – with that thin strap over each shoulder – so that max skin is exposed to max sunshine. Now as a bloke, I just have to ask something …

Why do women insist on not only wearing a bra underneath such a top, but also why do they wear a bra that may be old, grey, just plain skanky or have straps that are nearly an inch wide ?
WHY ? It looks terrible.

I can see the point in wearing a bra. I can see the point in wearing a strappy top (is that what they are really called ?) but at the very least, I would have thought that a modicum of thought would enter a woman’s head as she pulls that top on, or better still, as she puts the bra on.
If the colours do not match, then at least try to make it a good contrast – I am reliably informed by the women in my life that this deliberate non-matching is fashionable (wow – I’m an old fogey writing like that!! :)), but don’t some women just take that too far ?

In B&Q this morning, there were many many women dressed like this, and the vast majority looked skanky. Honest. And no, I’m not saying that all the nubile younger girls looked great and the older women looked bad. That was not the case. It just seems that the women put these tops on with nary a thought as to the colour OR condition of the bra underneath. Okay, so it’s their way of dressing and I should respect that, but .. . it looks crap, really crap.

Am I being sexist by trying to imply that women should always do their best to look attractive for their partner and society in general ? No, I don’t think so, but is it too much for a woman, when she is buying a strappy top, to also consider her bra collection and whether an addition to that would be in order so that her top – which she is buying presumably because she likes it and she thinks will look good on her – is shown off to it’s best and the viewer is not distracted by the grey, fraying edges of the bra she otherwise has ? I don’t think so.

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  2. Totally agree with you on this one Mark and it will look even worse when the sunburn and the peeling kicks in 😛

    oh and don’t you just love the blurred green icks that these people have as tattoos….there’s a correllation there somewhere 🙁

  3. Why is it that as soon as our arctic winter ends and the sun peeps momentarily over the horizon; the brits get stripped off, leap into unsuitable garb like sandals with sox, shorts on skinny white legs, and sleeveless strappy tops with their tattoos and grubby underwear exposed (qv). Then they go down to B & Q. I have to ask. Are we mad? Barking.

  4. I don’t get it either. As soon as the ambient temperature is more than, say, 5 degrees above freezing, you get ugly white trash walking around and going into shops with their tops off, displaying their shitty tattoos and beer boobs. People don’t do this in the mediterranean, even thought the temperature there is significantly higher.

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