5 thoughts on “Random Thought

  1. credit. definitey. Ive lost count of the number of favours Ive done for people only to be knocked back when Ive asked them to help me out with stuff. And dont get me started on the whole “Ive just given my mate your hpne number cos his computers busted” episode 😈

  2. Credit, definitely… I’m owed about a couple of grand in money I lent to people when I was working, and have never seen it back. Also, like SLH says, the “you know about computers so you have to fix mine” factor has to be taken into account. Fuck them all.

  3. Hard one this as i think we are inclined to remember the things that we have done for people more so than what they have done for us. Some people owe me a huge debt and other people its the opposite…you for example Mark have done me quite a few favours but i don’t recall helping you out with anything. Some people have skills and talents that we can call on but nothing we can give in return.

  4. This post was triggered by some random net hopping last night, particularly blogs and livejournal, and I came across pages of people I have helped, yet when I looked back, I found that not only was there no mention of this, but they had decided that what had been done FOR them was done BY them.

    I agree about the selectivity though, and the skills of others, and I doubt anyone would say “Yup, I owe”.

    Still, that’s why it was a ‘Ponder’ not a ‘Vociferate’ 🙂

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