Sunshine Sunday

Found that a whole heap of the errors in the server log were because when they moved server, some of the file permissions were changed to odd – and restrictive – numbers. I think I’ve sorted it out, but why on earth jpeg’s would be given high security permissions is beyond me.

WordPress continues to gather fantastic press, and the main dev’s blog – – has a good selection. If you are wondering about which tool to use, then go see, and read, those links. Another useful page is this comparison of PHP blogging tools and yup, WP comes out tops again 😀

The latest visible plugin is the Linklog – look to the left in “here“. I’ll be plonking links in there that I like, or think may be cool in some way or another. It’ll stop me littering here with lists of links maybe. The only one there is an old one I used to test it. It works from a bookmarklet too.

And I’m thinking about starting another blog. Not for day-to-day stuff, but where I can write much longer things about whatever it is that strikes me as chattable. Once I’ve sorted killing the RSS feed for it, and sorted some cosmetic stuff involving WP tags I’ve not yet used, I’ll link it from here.

Orkut. At last, someone I’ve joined has agreed with me that it’s actually a junk site. Now okay, someone else agreed with me just after we first joined, but another voice repeating the message is cool.
It’s just one great big pile of bulletin boards, and let’s face it, what is cool about that ?
I’m fairly sure there are ‘spy’ programs there as well – there was at least one ‘member’ who appeared to be a member of every single ‘community’ there (there are hundreds !) – but when it comes down to it, it seems to be the notion of exclusivity that is creating this aura of greatness. But it’s not. It’s crap.
It doesn’t offer webspace.
It doesn’t offer email addresses.
It insists on your using personal information.
It offers no opportunity to customise the way your information is presented in any way whatsoever.
All is actually does is provide data for Orkut and Google free.
But it actually offers nothing back.

And this thing about inviting only people you know … define ‘know’ please ?
Does it mean as in met in real life ?
Does it mean people I have communicated with for a certain amount of time ?
Does it mean that I may have read their blog ?
Does it mean someone in my email address book ?
If you never make any effort to meet new people, you never will, and if the only people you will meet are those that have passed some sort of ‘vetting process’ by virtue of their class, social standing, income, race, web ‘presence’ (whatever the hell that is), etc then yet again, you are stopping yourself from experiencing what someone else could offer.
Orkut. Junk.

And Monaco F1 ? Damn fine race ! And not toooo bad a result either 😉

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